This was our first replica airline simulator which was installed in 2018. 

It used the latest screen warping technology at the time providing a wrap-around view. 

It has been upgraded in 2020 including a new commercial pedal system.

Being based at Glasgow International Airport we have a number of current and retired pilots who regularly use this unit.

30 minutes
An introductory session on the Boeing 737-800.
£79 . 00
  • 30 minute hands on
Best Buy
60 minutes
This session is long enough for a complete flight
£119 . 00
  • 60 minutes hands on
  • Choose your airport
90 minutes
This session provides a more in-depth experience including preparation for flight
£169 . 00
  • 90 minute hands on
  • Fly from any airport
  • Flight planning
120 minutes
The ultimate experience. Full preparation for flight, route to an from your favourite airports
£199 . 00
  • 120 minutes hands on
  • Fly from any airport
  • Flight planning
  • Air Traffic Control