Our Airbus simulator is configured as a training suite. This is the same machine as currently used in a number of training schools around the world.
It is configured with a 4K visual system and a purpose built 3d screen. This negates the requirement for screen warping ensuring the full capacity of the computer is dedicated to replicating the aircraft.

30 minutes
An introductory session on the Airbus A320.
£79 . 00
  • 30 minute hands on
60 minutes
This session is long enough for a complete flight
£119 . 00
  • 60 minutes hands on
  • Choose your airport
Best seller
90 minutes
This session provides a more in-depth experience including preparation for flight
£169 . 00
  • 90 minute hands on
  • Fly from any airport
  • Flight planning
120 minutes
The ultimate experience. Full preparation for flight, route to and from your favourite airports
£199 . 00
  • 120 minutes hands on
  • Fly from any airport
  • Flight planning
  • Air Traffic Control