2021 has been a difficult year.

While we still believe it was correct to follow the various Covid restrictions, it has created some backlogs for our simulators.

However, it has also helped establish best practices moving forward. One area of this is the promotion of our simulators.

We currently use the following routes to market:-

Airbus Throttle Quadrant

What about the limited promotion sites?

We no longer use 3rd party like Groupon, Itison, Woucher despite repeated approaches. We did previously use a few of these but the pressure to make it work for them does not ultimately work for the customer, or the supplier. The requirement to show ‘50% discount’ while still demanding 25% + commission is not transparent. Suppliers need to inflate prices to stand still.


We previously ran a promotion with Itison for a session listed at £229.00; slashed to £99.00. Itison retained £24.75 leaving us with £74.25 (£59.40 excluding VAT). It is clear that this is a poor strategy moving forward; little margin is possible when costs are considered, and the product is rapidly devalued. Eventually, the cracks begin to show and it was not a market we wanted to continue in.

Do these deals no longer exist?

The market now is almost £100.00 less for the same experience so effectively there could be a range getting advertised around £60.00 for a full hour experience! A great price if it happens but unsustainable for providers.

So what are we looking to offer? And why?

We will continue to promote as listed at the start of this blog. Experience Gift Scotland will be on Sky TV again which will also feature our simulators.

Our website is changing to help track trends; this is not something I fully understand but have accepted what I am told from our web guys!

To help test this we are offering a 50% saving on all vouchers purchased. No catches either. Vouchers will still be valid for 12 months. There are no restricted times they can be used. And they are completely transferable.

This will allow us to test what needs tested before the regular Christmas rush.

How do you get the discount?

Simply purchase direct from our website www.Virtual-Flight.co.uk and enter the code ‘test’ at the checkout


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