The Throttle Quadrant is one of the most important prominant items on the Airbus simulator.

In addition to the physical movements of the unit it is the main control to start the experience of the user. It is therefore essential that it feels as close to the original as possible. It also needs to be robust enough to handle the abuse of novices. Mishandling of controls as they learn their way around can cause damage.

We decided the only option was to commit to a unit with a track record. And the results are astounding. The quality of our Throttle quadrant is superb. It feels just like the original aircraft equipment and the build quality is reassuringly solid. Metal construction

Our partners in this project are Airliner 1. They use current Type Rated pilots to help ensure the experience is as real as it gets. This has been a real benefit in helping us to commission the new simulator as quickly as possible. The work to set the systems up properly requires the pilot working closely with the installer. Airliner 1 have the experience of other Airbus Simulator installations to make this a much easier task.

The throttle quadrant if complimented in the centre console with high quality components from the same manufacturer. This ensures the overall appearance is as per the real aircraft. Using the best components available also helps with reliability.

We are now taking bookings in preparation for when we can reopen. Click here for further details.

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